A Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts For Couples

Sometimes, the hardest people to shop for over the holidays are couples. Do you choose a gift appropriate for her, for him, or for both? We’ve assembled a short list of the 8 most popular gifts for couples you can find on Wogi this season, just to make it all a bit easier.How about pampering them both with a Blissful Marriage Treat session at the Afond Spa? This couples session includes a massage, body wrap, facial treatments and more!

  1. For the couple that travels together – and enjoys a chuckle – how about a set of Crash Baggs from Ka-Pok? Not only are these very easy to spot on the carousel, they’re sure to raise an eyebrow or two along the way.
  2. Help that special couple celebrate the love that binds them together with the Love Type Light from Naiise. Practical and very striking, this lamp will have the pride of place in nearly any home.
  3. For the couple with a green thumb, or a passion for upcycling, we suggest the Everyday Kopi Mug Planter from Naiise. This planter is made from an authentic kopi mug, and comes complete with a lovely little fern to nurture.
  4.  For the couple who cooks, or who love a bit of Dada in their Demi-glace, why not a matching set of Banana Aprons from Naiise? These are designed by the Wouuf Design Studio and made exclusively in Barcelona, so they are no mere gag gift.
  5. Help the lucky lady celebrate catching that most elusive of game with this high quality Mr Right Cushion from HipVan. Comfortable, durable, and a constant reminder of what he means to her.
  6. Of course, where would Mr Right be without Mrs Always Right? This is the perfect addition to the Mr Right cushion above, and good for an ironic (or not so ironic) chuckle as well.
  7. Eating together is the core of home life, and these lovely Amai Bowls from Naiise help celebrate that. They are available in four colours, and feature a truly unique, tactile and organic shape sure to start conversation at any dinner party. Why not buy a whole dinner service?

As always, giving gifts on Wogi is fast and simple! Just chose the gift and the recipient. We’ll deliver it via SMS or email immediately, or on a scheduled day!


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