My Friends Have A Baby, What Should I Buy?

Babies themselves are gifts from God and while choosing gift for these little angels, I had to keep in mind that the gift should be such that babies do not get hurt. My friend had scheduled delivery recently and she became mother of cute little baby boy. I had been to her baby shower and had found others giving her cute gifts for her forthcoming baby. However, now when she is mother to one, I need to decide what to gift this little angel.

Should I buy something for new born or toddler?

I was unsure of what was the baby like and what will he or she love? So, I was also startled about whether I would buy some baby clothes, baby furnitures or strollers for infants. When I started searching online, there were number of choices available. However, I was not sure what will be best. There were great products from brands like MAM, Mother care, Lamkins, Baby GoGo and others. All of them were making me more confused. I it had been of some distant relative’s baby, I would have gifted gift vouchers or gift cards, but when it’s my best friends’ baby, I need to be more precise.

Finally, I decided to chalk out some gifts that can be chosen to choose the final one.

Different choices to choose from

While choosing the gift for the baby, I decided that either I can take something for him to be used by him for now or something that can be used by him when he becomes a toddler. Although the selection was not easy, but choosing from the shortlist was easier.

  • Gifts for the baby can be pram where the baby can sleep or baby clothes that can be used by him during his first one year. There are many toys that can be used by a baby, especially when they are looking upright! Apart from these I had choices of buying a piece of silver. Even booties too were something that I thought can be a good option.

  • Then I thought that my friend was practical and she will love gifts that have more practical use especially when the baby grows up to a toddler. Gifting a high chair walkers or a folding chair or high chair for feeding can be good option for her.

  • Other choices that can be included in the list were gifting something educational, but that can be used by the baby when he grows up enough to understand the importance of the gift. Board games, puzzles, books etc. are good item to be gifted, but after the kid is grown enough to understand their importance.

Thus, once I had a list in front of me, I started searching online for site that will deliver the goods at time. Some sites offered instant delivery while other promised to send them within a scheduled period. They were satisfactory. So, I ordered baby clothes along with baby gear along with some treats for mother. She also should be pampered in this happy moment of her life!


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