A Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts For Women

It is the season for gift-giving, and we at Wogi realise how difficult it can be to shop for some women. Fear not, though! We have assembled seven of the most popular gift choices this season below to

What Shall I Buy For A Birthday? What About A Gift Card?

Birthdays are special occasions when whether you are a kid or teenager or an adult will love to receive gifts. Getting surprises from family and friends is always special and when it's on the fabul

My Friends Have A Baby, What Should I Buy?

Babies themselves are gifts from God and while choosing gift for these little angels, I had to keep in mind that the gift should be such that babies do not get hurt. My friend had scheduled delivery re

Special Gifts for Christmas to Make This Day More Special!

Choosing gifts is an exciting as well as daunting task. There are tons and tons of options available and you have to choose from them something that the person you love will like. It is said that its t

Buying Gifts For A Friend’s Kid’s Birthday Is Made Easy Online

Attending a kids birthday party is always exciting. They are full of energy and when you give a gift, they show their happiness at that moment. So, when I was invited to my friends kids birthday party

Go For Digital Gift Cards: Never Miss Any Occasion, Never Be Late and Never Bring the Wrong Gift

When its time to buy gifts for someone you love, you can never be too sure. There are so many things available in brick and mortar stores and also in online stores. They can confuse you and you'll

Wogi is live! We will change the way people gift in Singapore.

Wogi is live and we are devoted to modernizing the process of gifting in Singapore. Stay tuned and celebrate together with us. More on our website: .

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