Tips on Gift for this CNY

We all need gifts, we know when to buys it and what is the best gift we want to buy. But there are some small details we should all be aware when we give a gift. Always remove the price tag. Especially

Best gifts of all time

1. TIME Personally, when someone take the time out to spend time with me, I feel so appreciated. It just shows so much more effort, even if its just catching up over coffee. As we all know, time is goi

Saying No to Gifts and YES to….

Just like the title, it is hard to swallow. I am not one of those who will tell you, its fine, no gifts, no presents its fine. You being there is more than enough. Just no! Inviting you to a party mean

When someone don't want gifts

Just last week, I saw one of my closest friend get hitched to an all American guy that she had met on one of her solo Contiki adventures where they travelled to New Zealand and do fun things with 23 ot

5 Types of reactions to avoid when faced with a bad gift

We all been there where we are being sat down and we have to open all the gifts that our guest has brought in front of them! If you ask me, its the worst thing you can do in front of anybody besides ea

When your cousin hands you a gift and clearly didn't bother to remember your name correctly

We all been there before where we wait for our whole lives to turn 16 to throw a big party to celebrate your coming of age and where everyone will call it your Sweet Sixteen even though you are not leg

A Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts For Couples

Sometimes, the hardest people to shop for over the holidays are couples. Do you choose a gift appropriate for her, for him, or for both? Weve assembled a short list of the 8 most popular gifts for coup

A Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts For The Little Ones

There is nothing better than seeing the joy on a childs face when they receive a gift, but finding the perfect present can be nearly impossible. The young ones want something that can be both treasured

A Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts For Men

The holidays are nearly upon us now, and of course that means that more people than ever are using Wogi to give gifts to friends and loved ones. However, sometimes it can be so hard to decide what to g

5 Wonderful Ways to Turn a Wogi Gift Card into Thoughtful Present

Weve all seen the posts on Social Media and wished someone would go the extra mile to truly show they care and cherish us, so heres five magical ways you can be the hero of the holiday season. The most

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