Tips on Gift for this CNY

CNY Tips for gifting

We all need gifts, we know when to buys it and what is the best gift we want to buy. But there are some small details we should all be aware when we give a gift. 

  • Always remove the price tag. Especially if you have bought it with a discount. There is always a mismatch of the value of the gift; the value for you, the value you have paid and the value the receiver thinks his gift is worthy. Better everyone to price it with its own value. 

  • Avoid giving the gift publicly. That wont make a good impression especially  if there are other people around. 

  • Do not visit a recently bereaved family. Especially if the funeral is less then a month before CNY. It is said to bring more funerals in the New Year

  • Always buy two gifts. Chinese believe, all good things should be in pairs.

But hey, if you use eGifts you don’t have to worry about that. They are always with the right value, always personal, you don’t have to visit anyone and … you can always buy and send two.

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