When your cousin hands you a gift and clearly didn't bother to remember your name correctly

I am the birthday girl

We all been there before where we wait for our whole lives to turn 16 to throw a big party to celebrate your coming of age and where everyone will call it your Sweet Sixteen even though you are not legally allowed to smoke or drink yet but you can finally stop stealing your dad’s car keys and actually scream out loud, ‘I’m taking the car!’ Then comes the dreaded Sweet Sixteen Party guest list where your parents force insist you to invite family friends, childhood friends, kindergarten friends, neighbors from another state, and of course relatives.

I remember the most awkward moment of my sweet sixteen party when my mom drag me to the door to greet my grandaunts, granduncles, aunties, uncles, godparents that I have no memory of recollection of but nothing beats when I saw my cousin from my dad’s side who is the same age as me gave me a huge bear hug and gave me a gift and called me Kristy. My name is Krystal. 

The bitchy Kristy in me was rolling my eyes and wanted to pounce on her. But instead, my mom hurried her into the crowd to mingle with rest of crowd before I could even react. Smart move mum. 

Next time, just give the receiver a gift card, at least that way even if you do remember their name wrongly, they can feel better about themselves when they are online shopping. 

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