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Tips on Gift for this CNY

by Wogi | 04 Jan, 2017

We all need gifts, we know when to buys it and what is the best gift we want to buy. But there are some small details we should all be aware when we give a gift. Always remove the price tag. Especially

Best gifts of all time

by Wogi | 28 Sep, 2016

1. TIME Personally, when someone take the time out to spend time with me, I feel so appreciated. It just shows so much more effort, even if its just catching up over coffee. As we all know, time is goi

Saying No to Gifts and YES to….

by Wogi | 04 May, 2016

Just like the title, it is hard to swallow. I am not one of those who will tell you, its fine, no gifts, no presents its fine. You being there is more than enough. Just no! Inviting you to a party mean

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