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About is an AI startup with a primary focus on bringing your AI avatar onto the world. Our cutting-edge AI technology enable individuals to replicate themselves by generating AI potrait photos and creating AI chatbots that precisely match their personality even voices. We are deicated to empowering the Asia AI community, with our roots in Singapore and Indonesia

Key products and strengths
AI Avatar: Offering exceptional image quality with a choice of 88+ styles at an affordable price for Asian users.
AI Chatbot: Agent + GPT-based bot brings long term memory capabilities and high quality personality simulations in various languages to Asian users.
Cost: Partnership with SOPHGO provides us with a competitive advantage in terms of AI computation power cost"

S$2.99 Antalpha Avatar E-Voucher

Transform your essence into digital art with Antalpha’s cutting-edge AI technology. Using only 10 photos of you, our advanced AI produces up to 88 distinct avatars, each capturing a unique facet of your style. Embrace the future of personalized representation.

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Redeem Gift Card Online

1. Navigate to the provided link Antalpha.Ai
2. Submit 10 clear photographs of the individual intended for the avatar.
3. Input your voucher code at checkout page.
4. AI will work its magic, revel in your freshly minted avatar

Terms of redemption

1. A single code furnishes you with an assortment of over 88 avatars.
2. Should the initial outcome not meet your expectations, you have the option to regenerate your avatar once.
3. This voucher enables users to generate various avatar styles, save them to their favorites, or download directly. Favorites will be catalogued in the designated ‘Favorites’ section.
4. The voucher is redeemable only at
5. The voucher is not exchangeable for cash and not replaceable if lost under any circumstances.
6. Extension of e-voucher validity is strictly not allowed.
7. Antalpha reserves the right of final decision to refuse the use of any voucher in any cases of dispute.
8. Antalpha reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

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