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Play is a Child’s Work and The Better Toy Store is a child’s workshop of award-winning toys carefully selected for excellence in play value, design, quality and environmental impact. Every toy we choose is evaluated for these qualities, and we do not compromise because we believe our children deserve the best. Everything else is just not good enough.
Our numerous award-winning toys attest to the strong play value of our toys. Many of the toys we choose are age-appropriate and open-ended, allowing a different facet of play as the child grows and changes in ability and interest. The best toys are those with little suggestion to method or purpose of play but allow children to freely create anything fuelled by their imagination alone. Less is sometimes more. Blocks, Paint, Dough, Sand and Water Play toys are some good possibilities.
We believe a child exposed to Beauty will appreciate and respond to all things beautiful. Learning to appreciate Beauty (and not just in toys) is fundamental to a gentler, nobler, kinder existence. Our toys must thus be not only educational and well-made but also beautiful. Toys that stimulate the child’s innate sense of symmetry and aesthetics are also the ones that will most likely be picked up and played with. Captivating colours, interesting textures and pleasing form are the qualities in a toy that must first be satisfied before they can pass muster. Classic and timeless toys that have withstood the test of time are our favourites. A thing of beauty is indeed a joy forever. The Better Toy Store gift card is available for in-store redemption.

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Brand Stores

  • Tangling Mall
    SG, Singapore, 247933, 163 Tanglin Road #01-70/71/72
  • Parkway Parade
    SG, Singapore, 449269 , 80 Marine Parade Road #01-70/71/72
  • The Centrepoint
    SG, Singapore, 238843, 176 Orchard Road #03-07/08

Terms of redemption

This voucher is applicable to use in all Singapore outlets except for Jewel Branch. Any unused balance cannot be refunded in cash or kind. The company will not accept any responsibility for the loss of any gift cards. The company reserves the right to reject any gift card(s) that are defaced, tampered with and/or expired.

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