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FoodLine Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift voucher for your friends and colleagues for any occasions and are redeemable at the widest number of shops (213 participating outlets) as cash vouchers. Some popular brands include Dunkin Donuts, Twelve Cupcakes, tcc, Baskin Robbins and more. Get yours now at


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Redeem FoodLine Gift card in store

1. Click on your unique URL and enter your PIN code
2. Choose your outlet location and click redeem voucher. (Do this only when you're at the store, ready for payment)
3. Present your voucher to the cashier
4. Pay remaining amount, if applicable.

Brand Stores

Sorry there are no added stores for FoodLine.
Please contact support if you need any assistance.

Terms of redemption

1) eVouchers are stackable.
2) eVouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable in cash or credit.
3) eVouchers must be presented before payment. Screenshots and printouts are not accepted.
4) Do not click redeem eVoucher unless ready for payment.
5) For full list of outlets available, visit
6) Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend/cancel the eVoucher at any time.
7) Other return policies apply. For more information, contact customer service at +65 6100 0029 or [email protected]

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