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We continue to evolve in delivering sought-after aesthetics, wellness, and health programs to satisfy every customer’s unique needs.

Radiance peel facial S$18 (UPS$321/60min)

Enjoy An advanced skin-resurfacing treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of condition specific serums to improve skin health, function and appearance and many more. Steps: · 1-to-1 skin consultation · Makeup remover · Skin cleansing · Radiance peel facial implementation


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Medical grade technology based treatment for face 1 for 1 at S$28 + Free serum (UP S$61)

A gold standard of customized face treatments with numerous targeted medical-grade combinations to revive your skin. From acne to fine lines to dullness to ageing skin, there is a solution for your skin with our Glow 2 Go programs. Steps: · 1-to-1 skin consultation · Makeup remover · Skin cleansing · Medical grade technology based treatment for face + Serum implementation


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3 Deep facial S$38(FDA approved) (UP S$321/60min)

3Deep facial a type of facial that helps in skin tightening, able to modify collagen, tighten the cheek area and fat loss especially at the jawline area. This is a process without having to go under the knife to have our face ‘lifted’, making us look years younger by reducing sagging on the face. Steps: · 1-to-1 skin consultation · Makeup remover · Skin cleansing · 3 Deep facial implementation


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DEP Skinbooster S$38 (FDA approved) + Free LED light treatment (UP S$428)

This treatment brings skin hydration to the skin that helps to plum up the skin for firmness and elasticity. Steps: · 1-to-1 skin consultation · Makeup remover · Skin cleansing · DEP skin booster implementation · LED light treatment application


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Aqua shine BB skin booster S$88 (UP S$532.66)

It uses hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural type of substance that aid skin to hold on to moisture that perk up the firmness, elasticity and smoothness of the skin. The colour ampoules used in this treatment are made of 100% natural ingredients. What’s best is the result is immediate and there is no pain and redness after the treatment. Steps: · 1-to-1 skin consultation · Makeup remover · Skin cleansing · Aqua shine BB skin booster implementation


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Ultrasonic treatment for body S$108 2X session (S$796)

Target areas like tummy, thighs, arms, and sagging skin areas by using heat technology to eliminate fat cells effectively. Steps: ·1-to-1 body consultation ·Ultrasonic treatment at targeted area implementation


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Ultrasonic face treatment S$328 (UP S$2000)

Ultrasonic face Treatment is used to target SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) for lifting and firming effect. In addition, this energy can cause fat remodelling by reducing buccal fat cells for a V-shaped face contouring. Steps: · 1-to-1 skin consultation · Makeup remover · Skin cleansing · Ultrasonic face treatment implementation


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Redeem Imago Medi Spa Gift card in store

Present your mobile device with an open gift voucher to the merchant staff and click on the gift code. Merchant staff will enter their pin to complete the redemption process. Screenshots and printed copy of vouchers will not be accepted.

Brand Stores

  • Imago Aesthetic
    SG, Singapore , Amk HUB #03-26B

Terms of redemption

1) Gift card code is applicable only at Imago medi spa outlet/branch in SIngapore and can be used for multiple transactions/ only one-time use
2) All Gift Cards are non-refundable and non-transferable.
3) Products purchased using a Gift Card are not refundable in cash but only store credit.
4) This voucher must be presented before payment.
5) Please present this digital voucher upon purchase. Screenshots and printouts are not accepted.
6) Imago Medi Spa reserves the right to amend/cancel the gift card at any time.
7) Other return policies apply. For more information, contact customer service at +65 65642420 or (customer service email)

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