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About susGain

With susGain's rewards app, turn your planet-friendly actions and purchases into points, cashback, donations to local charities and trees!

Earn points to plant trees for your green habits
Easily find 1800+ reen data points such as recycling and food bank donation points, places accepting BYO, volunteering opportunities, and more on susGain’s green map. Redeem susGain points for each action and convert them into trees.

CASHBACK at verified eco- and socially conscious stores
Earn cash back for your purchases at susGain partner businesses such as The Green Collective, Unpackt, or The Fashion Pulpit.

DONATIONS to local charities
For every purchase, susGain automatically matches your cashback with a donation to any of the 12 local charities of your choice.

Do Good. Feel Good. Get rewarded with susGain.

susGain Cash Credit


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susGain Cash Credit


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Redeem susGain Gift Card Online

1. Please click " Redeem Now" to proceed with redemption.
2. Please make sure you are a registered susGain user before you redeem the e-gift card.
3. If you are not a susGain user yet, please proceed to susGain's website ( to get the app and sign up for an account.
4. Enter your username and the email address used to log into susGain.
5. Once you have registered your information correctly, the respective amount will be credited to your susGain account within 5 working days.
6. You will receive an email and push notification from susGain once the amount has been credited your account.

Terms of redemption

1. You can redeem the cash credit from your e-gift card in-store at selected partnering brands.
2. You can donate your cash credit from your e-gift card to any of 12 local charities listed on the website.
3. susGain may suspend or terminate your account if it has reason to believe are involved in any fraudulent or dishonest activities.
4. You may withdraw the cash credits from your e-gift card to your bank account (min. 20 SGD)
5. susGain e-gift cards have a validity of 12 months from the month the e-gift card was issued.

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