Best gifts of all time


1.    TIME

Personally, when someone take the time out to spend time with me, I feel so appreciated. It just shows so much more effort, even if it’s just catching up over coffee. As we all know, time is going at a very fast speed and no matter how rich we are, we can never buy lost time. So folks, don’t have money for your friend’s birthday? Spend time with her, ask her out for a quick coffee or brunch. Even if you only have $10 for that week, we still have to eat right? And I’m sure your friend will appreciate the thought behind the meet up. I know I would. 


Being 25, I have my fair share of wisdom to share with all of you. I too made plenty of mistakes and have tons of embarrassing moments. Of all the gifts, I’ve ever received I can bolding say that the best gifts I’ve ever received are those experiences that is imprinted in my memory forever. I’ve had failed relationships and people that I’m no longer friends with but the memories we have shared together will always be dear to my heart and I thank God for that. Some people are to come into your life and bless you with whatever they have at that exact time and place, but that doesn’t mean they are going to stay. So appreciate every given memory and experience, even if it was that trashy pool party that June, or that awkward Christmas party with your colleagues and even that uptight High School Reunion Party. Experiences last, physical gifts don’t. 

3.    KA-CHING KA-CHING ($$$$)
I know it is a rather unconventional thing to say but it’s true, who doesn’t appreciate money when it is given to you. I know I do! Especially during Chinese New Year where I am given money for just showing up and wishing my relatives wealth, good health and happiness. Before you think, I am a greedy person who thinks money is thaaaat important. I am also talking about money in a form of gift cards, cash vouchers and all those different types of cash. Ones that you can’t go cashing out for literal cash. It shows that they may not know what you want, but here is $xxx amount in a gift card, go spend it however you please. No strings attached. 

Now, all of the above that I’ve mentioned are about giving a part of yourself as a gift without the need to step into the craziness of a mall. However, there are something’s’ that both male and female can’t go wrong with when they are out shopping for a female friend. A fierce colour of red is everything, it is like telling her that I think you are a fierce and independent individual that is self-reliant and not afraid of what the world has to say about the many different choices she has made in her life. Yeh, get me a fierce red lipstick now. Pretty please. 

Then what about the men? The first few presents that I’ve ever bought a guy is either a watch or a wallet. I don’t know what about it but there’s something about that moment when a guy pulls out his wallet and I can’t help but notice it. Of course I’m not looking for what’s inside the wallet! But just what kind of wallet he is carrying. Same goes to a watch. When a guy is wearing a strong, powerful watch, it just shows that the guy is in control and has some form of swag. It sure doesn’t hurt that it is a pretty arm candy! Get that man in your life that watch that you think describes him the best or the kind that you think could be his alter ego. 

A gift that suits everyone. Don’t bother yourself trying to find the perfect gift, don’t waste your time. With this universal gift let the recipient decide what he or she wants. An experience, a lipstick, a watch or whatever the person want. Be flexible and make the other person happy. 






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